deadbeat escapement

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The band started its course in 1964 under the name “the Beat”. Their early sound was mostly inspired by the Beach Boys.
The appeared as a cover band at parties of that time, with a few songs of their own.Their action pauses for some years and
in the late 70’s many of the members of the group changed. In 1985, the bassist, one of the founding members of “the Beat”
begins playing with his son in the group. Their sound at this time follows the dark wave sound of Cocteau Twins, Lush and
Pale Saints, and their name changes to “deadbeat”.

From 1985 and on many members of the band changed, in turn changing their musical influences.In 2006 the band changes
its name to “deadbeat escapement” and all the members are now descendants of the musicians that created “the Beat” in 1964.
Having attended at least one of their shows it’s not hard to realize that “deadbeat escapement” refuse to confine itself to
music, combining sound with video art, installations, theatre and literature.

“The only thing that we have in common is geography”…..they state, but after taking a closer look at the band members,
you can see that they share interest not only in music, but they share studies in painting, video art, art conservation,
music technology and production.

Their show in their vast majority consist of their own songs, and their statement that they play ART ROCK completes the
band philosophy and image. “There is more than one reality we’d like to express ……thus we just draw parallel lines’’